Reflection on my #oneword2016 Hauora

Since writing about my #oneword2016 in January (post found here), I have started a new journey in my professional career.  This has been a significant change for me after spending the last 19 years teaching in a secondary school.  The decision to resign from my HOD Health and Physical Education position at the end of last year was to enhance my wellbeing.  The year had taken a toll on all dimensions of my wellbeing, and it was time for a change.  I was heartened by the many people who supported me in making this decision and taking a step into the unknown.  I enjoyed a fabulous summer break with friends and whānau.  My new role was not confirmed until early February and I did not start until the 18th February.  The three weeks between my boys starting back at school and me starting my job was a real blessing – I was able to be around for the boys as they settled in to a new school year; I was able to spend some precious time with my Mum, including frequenting the movies three Tuesdays in a row!; I was able to visit my sister who had just moved cities and was settling in to her new community; I was also able to spend time in my own company and just enjoy each day and be grateful.

I am loving my new job!  It is giving me the opportunity and ‘space’ to undertake a lot of professional reading, to reconnect with with key educational documents, to engage in professional dialogue, to immerse myself as a learner, and the thinking that I am able to do is awesome!  I am surrounded by people who are passionate about Health and Physical Education and improving outcomes for young people.  I am excited about having started the #edchatnz MOOC this past week, and this coming week I am beginning a Te Reo Puāwai Māori course with CORE Education that I am really thankful for (and links nicely to my goal from my original post).  My new role is making it much easier for me to ensure I achieve a greater balance in my life.

In two weeks time I am running the Hawkes Bay Half Marathon.  One of my goals written in my original post was to enter a running event that I had not previously participated in (not quite achieving the bonus point for it being in a location that I had not visited before), so this is it, for now at least, who knows what the rest of the year may bring.  I entered this event feeling pretty positive about it; I ran 23.5km early February at the Tarawera Ultramarathon (leg 3 of the relay), and while it was a tough day at the office, I completed it and knew therefore that I was currently up to the distance, and with some more training might run it more comfortable than I had at Tarawera (not to mention on a significantly flatter course!).  However running is a funny thing… the mind can play tricks on you, and when it comes down to mind over matter, the mind matters!  So not long after writing a wonderfully positive account of my running and the positive impact on my hauora, things took a turn for the worse and I suddenly found myself in a very negative headspace when it came to running.  I was not enjoying it; I didn’t feel great physically, but I felt even worse mentally.  I was questioning why I was running at all.  I participated in a 10km event that I didn’t feel great about, and I was not feeling at all good about the upcoming half marathon.  I was very grateful to my Mum, sister and friend for encouraging me through this tough patch.  I am even more grateful that in the last week my mental space has improved greatly, and I am now enjoying my running again, and feeling like I can enjoy this event in a couple of weeks time.

I think this last experience has been an example of the interconnectedness of the dimensions of hauora – how one can have an impact on the other, for better or worse.

I am very happy with and thankful for the progress I am making towards my #oneword2016.


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