Learning Spaces

Now is probably a good time to explain my new role.  I have moved away from the classroom and being employed in a school for the time being – and I have made this decision not just because I feel that I have a lot to offer my new role, but because I have a lot to learn from my new role.  I really love that I am constantly being challenged to learn new things and new ways of doing things.

I am excited about joining the team at Team Solutions, University of Auckland, in the role of PE Curriculum Facilitator, based in Wellington and the Hutt Valley.  I am looking forward to the change from leading a department and a cross-curricular project within a secondary school, to working with a wide range of primary and secondary school communities.  My role has come about through the Play.Sport initiative funded by Sport NZ.  Play.Sport is a project supporting teachers, schools, parents and community organisations to improve the quality of young people’s experiences of play, physical education, physical activity and sport.

So this is what my desk at Team Solutions looked like…


… but after a week or so in the job it now looks like this…


(My previous colleagues will be taking bets about now as to how long it takes before you can’t actually see any desk space at all!  I have not been known for having the tidiest desk but I could 99% of the time always place my hands on exactly what I was looking for.)

As well as my Team Solutions office, I am spending a lot of time with the team a couple of blocks over at the Sport NZ offices.  I love the imagery at Sport NZ – and not just this professionally made imagery, but everywhere on the walls there is evidence of the collaborative workings that are going on with the various project teams.


I am spending a bit of time commuting on the train now as well, and this is proving a great time to read – whether it be catching up on twitter, reading people’s blogs, readings associated more directly with my work, or perhaps even from time to time just reading for pleasure.  After one of the sessions at #educampwelly I am now also going to use this time to explore podcasts.  I decided against taking a selfie on the train 🙂

The schools that I will be working with, and their communities, are also going to be my places of learning this year, and I can’t wait to get into that aspect of my role.  I am missing the contact with young people.  Tomorrow I am off to Pinehaven School for the day, to spend the morning with them learning in their classroom and getting to know some of the staff and students, and the afternoon taking a combined Physical Education and Maths session.  I am going to learn very quickly if I have targeted my activities at the appropriate level!  I can’t wait!

This is another favourite learning spot of mine – in the sun in our front lounge.  Sometimes I like it all to myself and I soak up the peace and quiet and use the time to reflect.  Other times I enjoy having someone to kōrero with.


My last learning spaces I will mention are my running routes – I went through a phase of listening to music while I was running but these days I don’t.  I find this time is often when I will process ideas, reflect on ideas, or generate new ones.  Again sometimes I like to run solo, and other times it is nice to have someone else to run with to chew the fat.  I run off road, my favourite route being the Waikanae River loop.  And every now and then my whānau and I get these crazy ideas in our head that perhaps we should run a bit further! This last paragraph refers to learning in the broader sense of the word, beyond what is expected of me in my work life; essential for my hauora #oneword2016.


Disclaimer:  I did not run the ultramarathon – I ran leg 3 of the relay (23.5km), and this is my awesome sister looking out for me with about 1km to go 🙂  It had been a tough day!  I applaud all the participants who made it to the start line of this event and gave it their best.


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