#EdBlogNZ Leap Day Challenge

Ok, so I am not convinced that I have quite met the challenge but I did have a go… My audio is in the powerpoint which is attached below.  This is the transcript:

“On Saturday I had the privilege of attending #EducampWelly and I spoke during the Smackdown about a passion of mine, and that is ‘Making Learning Visible in Physical Education’.

Coming from teaching Health and Physical Education in a secondary school one of my and  my colleagues pet hates was the time old classic “What game are we playing today, Miss?” question from students as they arrived at their PE lesson.

As a parent I have found it frustrating that as my boys progressed through primary school, during our conversations about their school day if I asked about what they did in PE it was inevitably ‘we went outside and played a game’ and they could never articulate to me the learning that was taking place.  And partly this was because when asked at one parent-teacher conference, the teacher also was not able to articulate what learning was taking place in PE.

I thoroughly enjoyed a presentation at PENZ conference last year by Alex Smith and Sally Hart, sharing their inquiries into how they were making learning visible in HPE.  I particularly liked this ‘thinking wall’ from Alex Smith which she had printed on A3, laminated and used with students with whiteboard pens during lessons.

So my question and challenge to educators is “How might we change the language and culture of thinking towards PE?”  How might we make learning visible in HPE?


Making Learning Visible in Physical Education


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