#oneword: Authentic

The challenge was set by Nathaniel Louwrens, Enabling e-Learning, on the VLN discussion forum.  It was to consider and share our one word for our school and how we might get our colleagues and students on board and make it happen… “As we’re very early into the school year, it’s a great opportunity to consider your one word for your school.  What do you want your students and the visitors to your school to notice, to experience, to recognise when they are on site?”

I am not in a particular school this year, but if I were, this is what I would want.  So I guess this then is my wish for all schools in NZ

#oneword:  Authentic

People are authentic – people mean what they say, and say what they mean; people walk the talk; people inspire through their actions and not just their words.

Relationships are authentic – people are valued; culture, language and identity are valued; whakawhanaungatanga.

Learning is authentic – learning has a purpose, it is real, meaningful and relevant; cross-curricular links; personalised learning – for students and staff.

Partnerships are key – school, whānau, community. Learning in the community, learning with the community, learning for the community.  Taking the time to build relationships/partnerships and build trust will lead to greater collaboration, and more authentic opportunities for all.


One thought on “#oneword: Authentic

  1. Thanks for sharing this Celia.
    I really like that you haven’t only focused on authentic learning. Authenticity in education really should go much further than that and especially, as you have said, into relationships.


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