#oneword2016 Hauora

At the beginning of January I came across the #oneword concept.  As I began to ponder what my #oneword2016 might be, I realised that this was not a new concept to me personally, but I had not before recognised it ‘formally’.  On reflection I had selected Hope as my #oneword2013 and Enjoy as my #oneword2014.  Interestingly I did not have a word for 2015, though a friend did suggest it might have been Survival.

I thought I had my #oneword2016 nailed in the first couple of days of January, and was then dismayed when someone else beat me to blogging about it as their #oneword.  The word hung around for all of January and I had accepted the idea that it was okay to have the same word as someone else.  I put off blogging about it because I was hopeful that I might by the end of January know what direction my professional circumstance was taking in 2016, and then be able to link that to my #oneword.  Well I still don’t know, and wouldn’t you know it on the 31st January I changed my word, and now two days later I am making the time to put it in writing.

I feel privileged to teach from a curriculum learning area that has Hauora as one of its underlying concepts.  (Health and Physical Education in the New Zealand Curriculum, 1999)


Hauora is a Māori philosophy of health unique to New Zealand. It comprises taha tinana, taha hinengaro, taha whanau, and taha wairua.

Taha tinana – Physical well-being

the physical body, its growth, development, and ability to move, and ways of caring for it

Taha hinengaro – Mental and emotional well-being

coherent thinking processes, acknowledging and expressing thoughts and feelings and responding constructively

Taha whanau – Social well-being

family relationships, friendships, and other interpersonal relationships; feelings of belonging, compassion, and caring; and social support

Taha wairua – Spiritual well-being

the values and beliefs that determine the way people live, the search for meaning and purpose in life, and personal identity and self-awareness (For some individuals and communities, spiritual well- being is linked to a particular religion; for others, it is not.)

Each of these four dimensions of hauora influences and supports the others. 

Dr Mason Durie’s whare tapawha model compares hauora to the four walls of a whare, each wall representing a different dimension: taha wairua (the spiritual side); taha hinengaro (thoughts and feelings); taha tinana (the physical side); and taha whanau (family). All four dimensions are necessary for strength and symmetry. (Adapted from Mason Durie’s Whaiora: Māori Health Development. Auckland: Oxford University Press, 1994, page 70).

Hauora is a word that I have ‘taught’ the meaning of to my students for many years now.  However, as we all know there is a huge difference between having knowledge, and applying knowledge. I have chosen Hauora as my #oneword2016 because this year I want to ensure that I focus more on all four dimensions of my well-being.  I am determined to take my own advice and ‘look after myself’ more.  I need to ensure that I find a greater balance in my life and do not neglect any of the dimensions.

So, without quite knowing what direction things are going to take yet on the professional front, I am hoping for a year of great learning, challenge, fun and laughter, with friends and whānau.  I am grateful for all the connections that I have made and excited about the possibilities of making more connections, and hopefully meeting some people face-to-face, whom so far I have only met ‘virtually’.

Some goals that I started writing during January to get me started (in no particular order):

  1.  Go to a live concert
  2. Enter and compete in a running event that I haven’t taken part in before, with bonus points if it is in a part of NZ that I have not visited before.
  3. Take my cricket mad son to a KFC Big Bash match in Australia for his 13th birthday (December)
  4. Go overseas with my family (could potentially also knock off #1 and/or #2 with this one but #3 does not count according to 14yr old son who is not quite so cricket mad)
  5. Get back into yoga
  6. Be deliberate in my use of Te Reo Māori, and pronouncing NZ place names as they should be pronounced even (especially) when the ‘common’ or more widely accepted pronunciation is different.
  7. Enjoy each day and be grateful

Have a fabulous 2016 everyone 🙂



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