#EdBlogNZ Challenge week 1 #2 – Inspiring Educators

Given that this is a blogging challenge, I thought I would focus on who has inspired me on my blogging journey – to get started and then to keep going.

First up are the wonderful team at Hobsonville Point Secondary School.  They are inspiring educators and inspiring bloggers.  I am inspired by the way they are prepared to take risks, to challenge the status quo, and to share their journey openly with the wider Education community, warts and all.  In particular I have enjoyed reading the blogs of Claire Amos, Steve Mouldey, Sally Hart, and their inspiring leader Maurie Abraham.

When I look back at my first blog post I talked then about who inspires me and mention how I first started blogging:

“I am inspired daily by the members in my team, my students, and my colleagues on Twitter.  I am very grateful to the staff at Hobsonville Point Secondary School for sharing their learning and experiences with the wider teaching community – I am inspired by your courage, your compassion, your innovation.  It was during a conversation with Claire Amos a couple of weeks ago that I voiced out loud my goal to begin a blog; and it was the knowledge that I am going to see her again in a couple of weeks that has spurred me to action to get started.”

That was my start to blogging, back in April this year.  Then it slowed down a bit as I think I became a bit overwhelmed by these ‘legendary’ bloggers, and that what I had to say couldn’t possibly be of interest to other people.  So it is with the utmost respect that I now mention another group of people who have inspired me more recently.  I hope they will not be offended when I describe them perhaps as ‘mere mortals’ of the blogging world – people who I have observed also question their place and purpose in the blogging community, and tentatively put themselves out there.  But for  me these people and the contributions they have made on their blogs has inspired me to keep going; it is like Nathaniel Louwrens pointed out on his recent blog post ‘What’s obvious to you might be amazing to someone else!’  So thank you to Rachel Burgess, and Anna Colby for without knowing it, spurring me on to keep contributing.

Lastly I would also like to mention the wonderfully written blog posts by Leanne Stubbing – I love reading her blogs, and despite the fact that we teach in different education sectors I always find something that I can connect with in her reflections.  I found her blogs particularly inspiring to me during Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori when we wrote reflections on Tū Rangatira.

Thank you to all the amazing connected educators who contribute by sharing through your blogs, keep up the great work – it is reading about your work and your vision for education and our young people, that inspires me to dream bigger.

Nga mihi nui


One thought on “#EdBlogNZ Challenge week 1 #2 – Inspiring Educators

  1. I tautoko your comments about being equally inspired and intimidated by those champion bloggers, Celia. That’s exactly why it takes me so freakin long to publish a blog post. That and the fact I’m an English teacher and super self critical of my own writing!
    I think you have definitely got things to share and look forward to reading a lot more of them!


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