#EdblogNZ Challenge – Encourage a colleague/friend to begin blogging

Dear ‘a bit hesitant and apprehensive’ colleague and friend,

First of all, let me say that I totally understand your apprehension and hesitation about starting a blog.  When you read some of the amazing educational blog posts it can seem daunting to put your own ideas out there. But as someone who has recently taken the leap and started a blog, and in the process started reading more blogs, this is why I am encouraging you to do the same…

You are an amazing, reflective classroom practitioner, and a blog is a way of capturing your reflections, and a way of allowing others to get an insight into, and learn from, your teaching practice.   Some of the blogs that I have found most interesting to read are those where teachers have captured simple ideas from their daily teaching practice.  These practical ideas are hugely valuable for others to learn from and implement in their own teaching environments.  Things that we might take for granted can be gems of knowledge for others.

You are very willing to position yourself as a life long learner, but I would also encourage you to position yourself as someone that others can learn from.  The NZC has a vision for us to be actively involved, confident, connected, lifelong learners.  Blogging is an opportunity to be actively involved in our education community – it is a way to participate with AND contribute to our connected educators network.

It is a privilege to work with you and learn from you.  I wish I had more time and opportunities to observe you in action.  In lieu of that it would be awesome to be able to read about some of what you are doing with your classes, and I know that others also would benefit from your thoughtful and considered reflections on your teaching practice.

Everyday we encourage our learners to step out of their comfort zone, take risks, be resilient and collaborative.  I have great faith that you will rise to this challenge.

Kia kaha,



8 thoughts on “#EdblogNZ Challenge – Encourage a colleague/friend to begin blogging

  1. FANTASTIC Celia and everything you say is so true. I remember being completely over-awed at the blogs I started reading back in 2012. I had NO IDEA how to use WordPress and taught myself EVERYTHING. I was determined not to have to ask for help! I did it! I could not imagine my practice without my blog to reflect on. Kia kaha indeed to all those thinking of starting – best thing you will ever do:)


    1. Thanks Kerri for your kind words. I too like you have taught myself the bare bones of what I have done so far on my blog. The funny thing now is that the person I was encouraging to start a blog, theirs looks AWESOME, and I think I am going to have to ask them how they set up their page… will have a go at figuring it out myself first 🙂 Happy holidays.


  2. Thanks for this encouragement. I was so nervous posting my first one last night. I think it’s because we doubt we have anything important to share. But we would never allow learners to have that mindset. I’m so glad I have dipped my toe in the water now. This was a great post and made my heart sing. Thanks.


  3. Great post Celia! That first paragraph resonates so much with me (and many others I’m sure). It can be difficult when you see those amazing bloggers/writers, write with ease, and while I enjoy reading those posts, I learn just as much from the shorter, less refined posts that others write. We’ve all got something to share and now there are lots of places to learn.


  4. Great post! Sometimes it is the internal critic that stops us putting ourselves out there. I see it in students too. The old ‘what I have possibly got to offer?’ self-doubt. A few blog posts in to my own blogging journey, and that voice is starting to hush!


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